Tips to Contemplate While Purchasing the Perfect Boat Propeller

If you have a boat which has an issue with a propeller and you need it to be ion a working condition, then you should consider buying another propeller. However, you should reflect on some things for you to buy the best propeller.
You should contemplate on the size of the propeller you need to buy. Most of the time when the propeller is not of the right size it can cause issues with the engine of the boat which cost you money to get it fixed or you end up buying another one. Still, there is a risk of ventilation and cavitation issues. Therefore, to ensure that you avoid causing more problems to your boat, you should check the hub to determine the size of the propeller and the pitch required for your boat. It will guide you on which size of propeller you should purchase for your boat.
You should consider the number of blades you need for your propeller. There are two types where one has three blades, and the other one has four blades. The three blades propeller is suitable when you are accelerating the boat because it has good control, and it is used by the racing boats mostly. The four blades propeller keeps your boat on the plane. 
You should determine the kind of material you need your propeller to be made of. There are different materials used, for example, the aluminum, and the stainless steel. However, most of the four blade propellers are made if stainless steel which is the most durable material which is resistant to salt water.
You should contemplate on the pitch of the propeller. The pitch is the forward movement of the boat once the propeller has rotated once. Therefore, you should consider the distance you need your boat to be moving per every rotation. The diameter of the propeller affects the pitch. When the diameter is long the pitch also is lengthy.
The propeller should have warranty at least one year. Having a warranty ensures that if something goes wrong with the propeller, then you will take it back to the propeller depot for either be fixed or else you are compensated with a new one. Hence, it ensures you do not buy a propeller which has an issue, and you end up losing money.
You should consider the brand you are buying. You need to utilize the internet to get reviews of different kinds of propellers. You should as well look for a propeller supplier. You need a reputable seller and considering your needs the seller should refer the best propeller for your boat.
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