Boat Propellers 

Boat propellers are the mechanical devices that are used to push a boat or a ship along the water. The propellers are attached to motors that rotate them at a very high speed. The type of motor you use depends on the type of load your boat carries and the engine size. For maximum efficiency of the propellers, the engine size needs to handle the propellers that have been attached to it.  The propeller is made from blades attached to form the propeller. The blades can be made from stainless steel or aluminum.
The type of metal used is different depending on the type of propeller being made. Steel blades are good since they can be able to work for a long time without breaking. On the other hand, the aluminum propellers are more to damage but less expensive than their steel counterparts. The best way to ensure that the steel plates stay for long is by treating them with heat. This kind of treatment will protect them against scratches. Click here for more information about boat propellers:
Propellers can be a three-blade propeller which is the most popular is very fast. It is made from three curved blades that are attached on a hole shot. The hole shot is connected to the engine to facilitate the rotation. The other type of proper is the four-blade proper. This type of propeller is made the same way like three blade propeller but now with three blades than three. It is faster and more steady than the three blade propeller. This is because it runs t low rotations per minute then the three blade propeller. The coupled propeller uses both the four and the three-blade propellers. 
Some boats that are bought attached with the engine attached to the engine. When the dealer attaches the propeller, he selects a propeller based on the load that your boat should carry. But if you add more substantial material, then you end up altering the propeller that was selected. On the same note of propeller selection, when the engine changes because of the change in altitude, you may also require a different set of propellers. 
When getting a propeller for your boat ensure that you get it from a licensed professional. This will ensure that you get a good quality propeller. When you are going out at sea ensure you carry an extra propeller. This is just in case the one you are using breaks. To be safe never exchange a broken propeller on your own.
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